Encounters Vol. VII – Jungles of Jakatar

Dragonshorn Studios
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There is No Safe Path in the Jungle

Forgotten god imprisoned in an ancient obsidian skull waiting to be found. An ever-hungry hydra, resting in its bone-littered nest. A lava-covered temple hidden between the trees. The jungle is full of secrets... will you venture deep enough to discover them all?

This encounter pack contains 10 carefully designed jungle-themed encounters, with monster tactics, leads, hooks, and new monsters and items. Easy to use and drop into any adventure–to fill up blanks on the map, make a long journey more interesting or kickstart another adventure. Every step can be your last, so beware!


10 encounters with tactics, hooks, and leads (EL for 5th edition)

  • The Number of the Bat (APL4)
  • Lava Temple (APL5)
  • The Blood Altar (APL6)
  • The Stone Puzzle (Any APL)
  • Beast of the Jungle (APL6)
  • Hot Springs (APL1)
  • A Prince in Need (APL5)
  • Pillar of the Dead (APL1)
  • The Deadly Vines (APL6)
  • The Obsidian Skull (APL3)

5 new maps (with variants)

4 new monsters (with custom token art)

3 new magic items


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